Church business is conducted by a vestry of nine members including a representative from St. Swithin's and a youth representative. The Rector appoints a Senior Warden, and the Vestry elects a People's Warden and a Clerk. Our meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order. The vestry establishes sub-committees as needed: a Finance Committee, a Scholarship Committee, and a Legacy Committee. For the transition, the vestry appointed a Profile Committee, a Call Committee, and a Welcoming Committee. All sub-committees report to Vestry.

Based on feedback from the congregation, members of the parish executive board (rector, senior warden, and people's warden) are strengthening communication between the vestry and church members. In the past, the Junior Warden had been a building maintenance position, but now that we have a volunteer property manager, the position title is “the People's Warden.” She takes the “pulse” of the people by listening, encouraging suggestions, and reporting her insights to the vestry. The business of the church—budgets, policies, and procedures—continues to be the vestry's focus but with an added emphasis on transparency, connectedness, and innovation.

Seven to ten members, including a youth representative and a St. Swithin's member, comprise this team.

Your vestry:

Senior Warden: Steve Deutermann
People's Warden: Terry Breen


Rose Alexander
Gretchen Van Blair
Steve Deutermann
David Mattern
John Mitchell
Chris Tuttle
Terry Breen
Sue Pichotta
Philip Young