First impressions are important and greeters are the friendly face of our church as they meet and greet visitors and welcome all to St. Andrew's. There are two greeters each Sunday set up the Visitor's table ready to supply materials and information. Preliminary training is provided in the Ministry of Greeting and a schedule is posted each month. This job only takes about a half hour on Sunday mornings and volunteers are sorely needed at this time.


Ushers are the hosts for the worship service and, as such, represents the entire congregation. The hospitality of the usher tells the visitors what kind of hospitality the rest of the congregation will show to them. Ushers have many duties. They welcome people at the door to the sanctuary. They ask people from the congregation to bring the Elements to the altar, and they direct congregants to the altar area for communion. If there are people who need an arm to get to the railing, they are there to assist. They collect the offerings, and at the end of the service they are responsible for putting the offering into an envelope and hands it to the proper person to put in the safe. The ushers pick up bulletins that are left in the pews and recycle them. If you are interested in this ministry to St. Andrew's Church call Ann Wood, 452-9078. Ushers are so important to the life and well being of this church.