Acolytes have a long history with the worship ministry beginning around 250 A.D. The word acolyte means "follower" or "one who helps." When acolytes first helped with the liturgy, they carried candles in processions, lighted candles on the altar, and assisted with the Holy Eucharist. Today's acolytes play the same role with very few differences.

We assist the priests at God's Table and the congregation throughout the service. Leading by our example of dignity and reverence; thereby proclaiming the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ's Love.

An acolyte serves God through his service in the church. The acolytes are instrumental in helping the services to run smoothly. Acolytes also aid in the worship of the other Congregation members. Acolytes are leaders in the church through the examples they set at the altar.

Acolytes are part of the Worship Ministry Team which includes the clergy, vergers, lay readers, ushers, and the choir and other musicians. Being an acolyte provides children and young adults with the unique opportunity to more fully participate in the worship service.

To become an acolyte you may contact Deborah Morgan-Ellis at 477.8827.