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October 12, 2021

It's always there, the mystery:
Shining through the busyness and complexity,
Enlightening the darkest corners of our lives,
Reminding us -- when we remember
To stop, look, listen, and breathe --
That we are not alone;
That we are loved.

Contemplative Photography by Diane Walker


What's Happening this Week? 

  • 10/12      Tuesday - 4:00pm - Contemplative Prayer in your own space
  • 10/13      Wednesday - 11:00am - Holy Eucharist on Zoom  
  • 10/17     Sunday's  Virtual Worship is available on Facebook  & our website
  • 10/17     Sunday - 5:00pm - St. Swithin's Evening Prayer on Zoom 

Announcement from Karen+ and your Vestry

Dear friends,
Over the last year, I have been very clear that the decision on how we worship during the COVID pandemic would not be made in isolation. Rather, I have consulted with physicians in our parish, with our vestry, and paid attention to the guidelines offered by our diocese. As you know, based on the very dramatic spike of new cases in late summer and early fall, we went back to virtual worship. At the time we made this decision, the number of cases per 100,000 was over 1,200. We are currently at 530, so the numbers are going in the right direction.
Based on this, we began discussion regarding resuming in-person worship. What we know:
  1. The numbers are going in the right direction but still high.
  2. Masking, social distancing, and the vaccination are the three best things we can do.
  3. This pandemic could last a long time.
This past week the vestry voted that we begin in person worship Sunday October 24th with the requirement of showing proof of vaccination in addition to wearing masks, and social distancing. Adding this third layer of protection means we are taking science seriously as well as the need to be together seriously. Beginning October 24th, we will resume the Sunday 8:00am, 10:00 am and Wednesday 11:00 am services with a table outside under the portico where you will show your proof of vaccination. We will use this protocol only until the numbers decrease more significantly and then we will remove this requirement.
This congregation has shown great patience during this difficult time, and I am most grateful to you for that.

What St. Andrew's means to me....

Those willing to share their thoughts on, 'What St. Andrew's means to me,' are encouraged to sign up. Each testimonial should be no more than five minutes in length and will be filmed. Your insights and motivation for making St.Andrew's your church are an invaluable part of our story. For more information or to sign up, please contact Terry Breen, your People's Warden at Thank you.

Creation Season

In Creation Season, we are celebrating Eucharist with the New Zealand Liturgy "Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption."   

Don't forget to bring in creation-themed artwork to hang in the sanctuary. It could be a photo or painting of animals, landscapes, the night sky, etc. Be creative. The walls have been bare for far too long.

Table of Remembrance

The table in the narthex (entryway) is ready to receive your photos and small items of remembrance of those people in our lives so precious to us. The table will form itself over the weeks into a beautiful expression of love for the saints in our lives.  Join us in this most precious way to honor and thank God for all those we have loved.  

Online Worship with St. Andrew's 

Our Sunday Morning Service will be virtual this week. You can watch it on Facebook (no need to have a Facebook account). Click on this link: 
The service can also be viewed on our website:

St. Swithin's Evening Prayer

You are invited to join St. Swithin's Evening Prayer Service on Zoom. Karen leads this small group and offers her sermon. The service is live, and they sing hymns!  Please join us.  Here is the Zoom link:

Sunday's Zoom Coffee Hour will be at 11:30 am 

Contemplative Prayer

On Tuesdays at 4 pm, we sit together in spirit.
For more information, contact Pam Wilder

Wednesday Worship

Worship with us on Zoom on Wednesday morning at 11:00 am. The homily will be about Kassiani. St. Kassiani, sometimes called Kassia, was an abbess, a poet, and a composer in 9th century Byzantium, and she is the earliest female composer whose music has survived to the present day. 

Join this worship service:
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