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They're challenging, these liminal spaces

The in-between times,
When what is now is fading,
And what is yet to come is still unclear;
When the colors of the past insist on mingling
With the colors of a future yet unknown
But complexity and confusion
Are also rich with possibilities,
And engaging with the unknown
Can often prove transformative.
Don't be afraid to question and explore.

Contemplative Photography by Diane Walker


What's Happening this Week? 

  • 10/5      Tuesday - 4:00pm - Contemplative Prayer in your own space
  • 10/6      Wednesday - 11:00am - Holy Eucharist on Zoom
  • 10/7      Vestry Meeting  
  • 10/10     Sunday's  Virtual Worship is available on Facebook 
  • 10/10     Sunday - 11:30am - Zoom Blessing of the Animals
  • 10/10     Sunday - 5:00pm - St. Swithin's Evening Prayer on Zoom 

We're Renovating our Website!

Our webmaster, Phil Morgan-Ellis, along with his creative team, are putting together a whole new website.

Check it out at

Top 5 things to explore:
  1. Our Sunday Worship videos are easy to access 
  2. You can read recent sermons that you want to reflect on or that you missed
  3. Catch up on St. Andrew's news with links to the most recent Call Newsletter and the weekly enews  
  4. The Stories section and the Upcoming Events focus on highlights of St Andrew's, our community, and the Episcopal Church
  5.  The every changing banner photo displays God's beauty in creation and among us at St. Andrew's
All in all, the hope is to reflect Christ, to see Him and His beauty in all that we do, and to worship Him with open hearts.

Creation Season

In Creation Season, we are celebrating Eucharist with the New Zealand Liturgy "Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption."   

We invite you to bring in creation-themed artwork to hang in the sanctuary. It could be a photo or painting of animals, landscapes, the night sky, etc. Be creative. The walls have been bare for far too long.

 The C-news will resume with articles on Green Faith, projects St. Andrew's has done, the Elwha dam removal, and other interesting topics about our big, beautiful island home we call Earth.

Excerpt from our Creation Liturgy

Benedicite Washington

O give thanks to our God who is good:

whose love endures for ever.

 You sun and moon, you stars of the western sky:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 Sunrise and sunset, night and day:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 All mountains and valleys, desert and Palouse, thickets and talus slopes, cedar swamps and prairies, estuaries and alpine meadows, glacier, avalanche, mist and snow:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 You rivers and strait, bogs and fen, evergreen and apple, sagebrush and grape and wheat:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 You maples and firs, chanterelles and salal, dogwoods and heathers, mosses and ferns:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

You orca and salmon and whale, seal and crab, seastar and anemone, kelp and loons, kingfishers, octopi, and prawns, Chinook and trout:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 You marmots and cattle, elk and coyote, sparrow and raven and eagle:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 You voles, salamanders and bears, swallowtails and gnats, swifts and warblers, owls and hawks:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 You Yakima and Cayuse,  S'Klallam and Makah, brown and white, men and women, all who inhabit the Pacific Northwest:

give to our God your thanks and praise.

 All you saints and martyrs of the North and West:  

give to our God your thanks and praise.

Online Worship with St. Andrew's 

Our Sunday Morning Service will be virtual this week. You can watch it on Facebook (no need to have a Facebook account). Click on this link: 
The service can also be viewed on our website:

St. Swithin's Evening Prayer

You are invited to join St. Swithin's Evening Prayer Service on Zoom. Karen leads this small group and offers her sermon. The service is live, and they sing hymns!  Please join us.  Here is the Zoom link:

Contemplative Prayer

On Tuesdays at 4 pm, we sit together in spirit.
For more information, contact Pam Wilder

Wednesday Worship

Worship with us on Zoom on Wednesday morning at 11:00 am. The homily will be about William Tyndale, Priest, 1536. First to translate the Greek New Testament into English. Betrayed by a dinner guest and condemned as a heretic. On Oct. 6, 1536 he was suffocated and burned at the stake.

Join this worship service:
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Rector Search Prayer